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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wireless AutoSwitch disable 3G, Air Cards and Broadband Cards?

Yes.  Wireless AutoSwitch XPV (only XPV) will disable all wireless cards as well as any 3G cards or Air Cards or Broadband cards that are installed when there is a LAN connection.

Does Wireless AutoSwitch work with DisplayLink USB Docks and other USB docks/adapters?

Yes.  Only Wireless AutoSwitch XPV (starting from version will work with computers connected to a DisplayLink USB Docking Station.  As a matter of fact Wireless AutoSwitch XPV should work with all types of USB adapters and docking stations.  If it does not please contact us immediately.

Is Wireless AutoSwitch free?

No.  When you download Wireless AutoSwitch the MSI is pre-populated with a trial license key that gives you 30 days of free usage, and extended trial periods are available upon request.  We want you to install it on your computer, set it up and actually use it to ensure that the product will be compatible with your computer systems and satisfy your requirements.  You may test it on as many machines as you wish.  Once a purchase is made you will receive a permanent license key.


How long does it take to get the permanent license key?

Once a purchase is made we manually send out the permanent license key, so depending on the day of the week and time of day for us you may have to wait for the key to be sent to you.  Our normal hours of operations are weekdays between 8am and 6pm EST, however we always monitor for emails and usually the key is sent within the hour and never more than 24 hours.


Can we get a custom MSI?

Yes.  If you would like a custom MSI with your license key and option choices embedded we can create this for you.  We can even create an MSI that has no dialogs at all and is a silent install (this is best for GPO deployment).  There is no extra cost for this.

What are the support and maintenance costs?

When you buy a license of Wireless AutoSwitch you are buying a permanent license.  There are no support costs and no maintenance costs.  Currently there are three products: Wireless AutoSwitch 10, Wireless AutoSwitch Vista and Wireless AutoSwitch XPV.  You can upgrade to the latest version of the product you are using at any time without added costs.  For example if you own licenses of Wireless AutoSwitch XPV you can always download and use the latest version of the XPV product without any added costs.  However if you want to upgrade to a different product then there is a cost.  For example if you are using Wireless AutoSwitch 10 and want to upgrade to Wireless AutoSwitch XPV then there is an upgrade fee.

Do you work with software resellers?

Yes.  If you are a reseller contact us for a quote.  If you prefer to go through a reseller, just have your reseller of choice contact us for a quote.  Please note there are no significant savings by going through a reseller.


Does Wireless AutoSwitch Vista (no longer sold) work on Windows 7?

Maybe! We didn't think it would and partly didn't want it to but it may work. Wireless AutoSwitch Vista was tested on Windows 7 beta and it did not work.  However when tested on the public release of Windows 7 Home Premium it worked (this was an inplace upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium).   You may test it yourself if you wish and let us know your results.  For full Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit, support please use Wireless AutoSwitch XPV.


If I buy 100 licenses am I getting 100 license keys?

We usually only issue one license key that will work for as many installations as you are licensed for, unless otherwise requested.

Do you offer an Enterprise/Site/Unlimited license?

Yes we offer an enterprise license that allows for unlimited usage within your enterprise regardless of the number of laptops you have, however this is only beneficial for customers with over 5000 laptops because of the price.  Contact us at for details.

Are there any known issues?

If you have more than one wireless card it may lock onto the wrong one. This is not an issue with Wireless AutoSwitch XPV.

You have to use Windows XP's wireless zero configuration (XP's built in wireless network connection program) to manage the card. If for instance you have a Linksys wireless card and are using the Linksys utility to manage wireless connections the card may not get disabled by Wireless AutoSwitch.

If there is a WMI issue on the machine where Wireless AutoSwitch cannot communicate with WMI to find the network card Wireless AutoSwitch will not work. Wireless AutoSwitch uses WMI to identify which network card is the wireless one, if it can't identify a wireless card it quits.

What if Wireless AutoSwitch doesn't work?

Wireless AutoSwitch will work on any machine with a wireless card.  However there are times that it cannot find the wireless card or some other network card (usually a Virtual Adapter) creates conflict.  Whatever the case may be, first make sure you are using the latest version (downloadable below), check the Support Page for instruction, if that doesn't work simply contact us at 718-930-1990 or and we will get the issue resolved.

How can I deploy Wireless AutoSwitch?

Wireless AutoSwitch comes as an MSI file and can be deployed with any software deployment application, for example SMS, Altiris, Group Policy, etc...

Who uses Wireless AutoSwitch?

Wireless AutoSwitch is in use by individuals and companies around the world, small and large.  Most notable are Financial, Security and manufacturing companies as well as Government agencies.

Does Wireless AutoSwitch conflict with any hardware or software?

No it does not.  Other software, such as 3rd party wireless management tools, may conflict with Wireless AutoSwitch.

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Wireless AutoSwitch XPV Works on Win 11, Win 10 , Wind 7, Win 8.1, Vista and XP.
Wireless AutoOff Latest version of AutoOff (Win11, Win10 Win7, Win8, Vista and XP).





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